Plone Foundation meeting

published Oct 29, 2009

Annual meeting of the Plone foundation during the Plone conference 2009.


Thanks to the conference organizers! If you want to organize the next Plone conference, get in your proposal now.

Open Society Institute gave a lot of grands for this conference.

Jon Stahl did a great job of leading the foundation this year. We appreciate his efforts this year.

Mark's legal efforts.


Advisory board members function as counselors to the board.

Foundation sponsorships, We now have money in the bank to do really exciting things.

New marketing plan. We want Plone to be represented on more events, conferences, sprints. There is now money to sponsor that. There is an application form on

Logo usage guidelines were clarified. We don't want to be harsh, and certainly for we like to have differing logos for conferences. Follow the guidelines. When you are not sure, contact us. and hosting. is now hosted by SixFeetUp on excellent hardware. Pilot Systems handles

Framework components relicensing policy. Some pieces of Plone are excellent for using in non-Plone projects, so in some cases we make it easier to share those pieces. We wanted this for a long time and Wichert got on our case and pushed us and it happened. Good example for how you can help the Plone Foundation.

Domain usage guidelines and consolidations. We want to have country specific Plone domains under foundation control.

Release manager appointments; these people get paid (though it does not nearly cover the work that they do). Plone 3 release manager is Wichert. For Plone 4 it is Eric Steele. Hanno is for Plone 5.

FOWABE. Contact with the European Commission.

Code valuation. We needed to come up with the value of Plone, for tax reasons. How much is Plone worth? We calculated it as 3 million dollars.

Tony Roberts handles the finances of the foundation. We went from about 48,000 dollars of assets in 2008 to 133,000 dollars in 2009, not counting the worth of the code.

8 new Plone Foundation members. Rob Gietema, Darci Hanning, Joël Lambillotte, Jonathan Lewis, Robert Niederreiter, Clayton Parker, Erik Rose, and Eric Steele. If you are in the room now and are not a member, then contact the foundation as you are obviously interested enough in Plone.

Election for the new board closes at 10:00 tomorrow morning, Budapest time, so get your vote in.

More information about the Plone Foundation: