Sally Kleinfeldt: Plone web services

published Oct 29, 2009

By Sally Kleinfeldt and others (panel)

(I missed the first five minutes.)

Web services: SOAP, REST, microformats.

Products in Plone:

  • Soap: the CIGNEX project
  • REST: ATRest, gsxml
  • Atom: Vice
  • XML-RPC: wsapi4plone


Provide CRUD (create, read, update, delete) interface to Plone content. Future: also provide JSON-RPC.

AtomPub for Plone

The Zope 2 publisher only does HTTP GET and POST. AtomPub helps there.

Matt Hamilton: CMIS

Content Management Interoperability Services. Proposed by IBM, Microsoft, Alfresco and others. Allow people to switch between CMSs fairly easily. Get content in and out of a CMS. There are problems, like: will you be able to assign rights, get those rights out of the old and into the new system?

Should Plone support this? Should we participate in a public review process? "The system should support CMIS" might become a standard requirement in a CMS procurement process. Should we create a CMIS implementation? Should we get Plone Foundation support? If we participate, we legitimize it.

Some people describe it as SQL with bells on. SQL is almost expected as backend.

Alexander Limi: it may not be needed to completely support CMIS, as long as we have something similar that mostly solves the problem CMIS tries to solve.

True confessions

Alec Mitchell: for the website of a radio station we provide simple web services with a few simple browser views.

Calvin Hendryx-Parker: some simple Archetypes objects with fields are easy to create. The XML-RPC part of Zope is rock solid. We only had some problems with date conversions. We used RDF/XML to let the XULRunner of Firefox talk with Zope. JSON and SimpleJSON; newer Firefoxes have a very fast JSON version built-in. Also using jQuery.