Lighting Talks Wednesday

published Oct 28, 2009

Various speakers on the Plone Conference

Matt Hamilton: lightning talks are quick, mostly unrehearsed talks with or without slides, of just a few minutes.

Chris Johnsson: open source collaboration

I am not a developer, so I cannot help out with the code. But I can help in other ways. In which ways can you help? Participate! This is an exciting place. When you enter a restaurant with Plonistas here you can just feel the energy. Get to know everybody here. Find your place in the community.

How does open source collaboration work?

  • No difference between contributors and users, everyone can be a contributor. Anyone can fork a project.
  • You're dealing with volunteers. Herding cats, does not quite work, or is at least an interesting problem.
  • Doacracy over democracy. Actions matter more than opinions.
  • Community. Fun to be here. You spread the work around. Get credit by investing in the community that you are also getting value out of.

Andreas Jung: Produce and Publish Server Connector for Plone

Generating office formats, like pdf, rtf, odt, ooxml, ebooks, with web content as source. SmartPrintNG reloaded. High quality PDF generation, from a single web page, or creating a commplete book. Print on demand. Package zopyx.smartprintng.server and client. We now have a Plone Connector for this; automatic toc, language dependent hyphenation, etc.

Godefroid Chapelle: latest buildout additions

Gocept added more offline capabilities, by caching extended configurations loaded from the web. Add extends-cache and download-cache options.

I myself added a command 'bin/buildout annotate' that tells you from which buildout config file each line comes. I can use some help there, certainly for the formatting.

Matt: multilingual

LinguaPlone is good for content. Translating the interface can be tedious. The po files lack context. You can add TranslateInPlace to Firefox. This shows untranslated strings right in your web site. Lots of monkey patches, so we want to improve it. See Products.TranslateInPlace.

Stephan Altmüller: microformats

We have a StaffDirectory product and have added microformats. For Firefox 3.0 there is a plugin Operator that can read this and import this into your address book.

David Kamien: join the TagCite developer network

TagCite: build on Plone, collaborative knowledge management system. Hosted on Amazon EC2. Content library, viewer, comment system.

Maarten Kling: skin switcher

Four Digits. Web site for company, every district, local or project is a navigation root so it looks like a separate site. See

Nate Aune: Banjo, point-and-click theming

With Deliverance. Work in progress, sneak preview. IF you have a tight deadline and already have an html design you can use banjo. The web designer does not need to learn CMS templating. Sits in your browser. jQuery-powered frontend to Deliverance rules creation.