Lighting Talks Friday

published Oct 30, 2009

Lighting talks on the last day of the Plone Conference 2009 in Budapest, not counting the weekend sprint. A big thank you to Balasz Ree and all the others!

Robert Niederreiter: agx

agx does tree transformation with python.

Pawel Lewicki: ZPublisher.Client.Object

Get the real zodb object via url:

ZPublisher.Client.Object('http://.../obj', user, pass)

Nate Aune: ContentMirror

Push zodb data to a relational database.


Fred van Dijk: Rapucation

Project for a school. Music teacher. Teenagers do not care about classical music, just videos. So let them make rap videos: rapucation. Let them share and react with others.

  1. LinguaPlone only shows Dutch content when you watch the site in Dutch. But we want them to see German and English reactions as well. So we tweaked LinguaPlone. Set Language='all' in all calls to the portal_catalog. And we did some tweaks for ordering.
  2. Don't store the video in Plone. We used and tweaked the urls that are shown.
  3. Notify reviewers by email. Use content rules for that.



Steve McMahon: Plone Education

Book by Erik Rose: Plone 3.0 for Education

Mikko Ohtamaa: Plone Developer documentation

Chris Calloway: "We need less innovation and more documentation for a while."

There is a lot of knowledge around, but tacit knowledge needs to become explicit knowledge.

  1. Write down problem.
  2. Write down answer.

Package: collective.developermanual

Andrew Mleczko: Content import

How to import 120,000 documents in 8.43 minutes? Idea: only create the catalog brains. Let users create the real data later. Some dummy objects and a traverser later we are done very fast!

Andreas Zeidler: collective.solr

SOLR is a search engine. collective.solr does integration in Plone. Andy did a demo.

Andrew Carter: Plumi

Plumi is video sharing: Based on ATVideo. We want to sprint on Plumi this weekend.


Florian Friesdorf: mr.developer written by Florian Schulze. Check out packages in your buildout.

git-svn and gitify. Central svn, local git! In mr.developer you have some new options now: revision and pkg_base.

Sjoerd: Deco

I am a student at Four Digits. Assignment: create forms and interface for adding/editing application tiles to Deco. Integrate it with Dexterity. Create rendering engine to render the page. I have made progress and want to sprint on it.