Lightning talks

published Oct 10, 2012, last modified Oct 11, 2012

Lightning talks Wednesday at the Plone Conference 2012

Lightning talks on Wednesday during the Plone conference 2012.


We love Plone. Brazil is the country of Plone. What about a Plone Conference in a sunny place? We present our bid for hosting the conference in Brasilia, in October 2013. We should be able to save some people at the Python Brasil conference. It's going to be a family enabled conference. Bring your family. Or maybe you can find a family there. We want to lower the total travel costs, arranging a plane for Plonistas. We are planning to get the conference paid partly with sponsorships. There is internet in this country. There are no monkeys on the street. So if you want to volunteer to spend three months there to help us out, you are welcome.

If you are in a university, please join our effort. June 2nd through 9th there is Plone Symposium East. We want to see a much larger foot print of Plone in education. Tomorrow there is an open space session.

Universities usually have a lot of portals and just a few people who handle them. Meetups can help us. We met at the Plone Konferenz in Munich. There will be a meetup at Pycon DE this year.

Dylan Jay- Earthquake

I work at Preta Web. Victorian SES wanted a CMS, multisite, secure, theming themselves, no failure in case of a disaster like an earthquake, with 99.99 percent uptime. It was offline during some fires and they wanted more, so they gave a tender for this. We won it. They made the Diazo rules themselves. We use lots of pipes: CDN, nginx, varnish, etcetera. Hosted in two data centers. In case of an earthquake everyone will hit this site at once. Taking a few minutes to get up a new cloud instance is too much here. We cached for a minute, which helps lots for handling this kind of traffic. Really easy and effective. First checked with Funkload, which is nice, but not enough traffic for us. So we got the hoster to test it for us. We handle a crap load of data. It spiked to 200,000 connections.

Godefroid Chapelle - collective.jekyll

Diagnose the content of your website. It shows information for editors about possible problems with content, like a too long title. It also shows information in collections.

Davide Moro - Ploomcake

Plone installer with several extra packages. Easy form generation with PloneFormGen. Slide show support. Easy for people who quickly want to try out Plone.


Domen Kozar - Substance D management interface demo

Application development environment built using Pyramid. I worked on this during Google Summer of Code this year. Kotti uses SQLAlchemy, where Substance D uses the ZODB.

Why make this? It has new concepts. I use it for customers who need only a basic feature set.

Patrick Gerken - Sentry

Sentry is a log server. Use raven for configuration (raven.contrib.zope). You see error messages coming in from your Plone instances. You get lots of extra information, like on which browser it happens.