Lightning talks Thursday

published Oct 11, 2012

Lightning talks during the Plone Conference 2012.

Lightning talks on Thursday during the Plone conference 2012.

Mikko Ohtomaa

Python Finland is in two weeks. Registration today. Come to me.

Balász Reé - SlickGrid Touch

Making a complex Javascript table widget work on mobile devices. Older Javascript widget often do not work on touch devices. How can we make it feel like a touch application? You may need to support lots of different gestures.

Look for the fastbreak application made by Paul Everitt.

Maurizio Delmonte - Project management

Project management application. ScrumDo. Based on Django, integration in Plone is hard. We created something based on ScrumDo. It is a friend of xm (eXtremeManagement tool). Dexterity based. Come talk to us, especially Simone and Giorgio who have built it.

Armin Stross-Radschinski - brochures

We created a Python Software Foundation Python Brochure. We did several professional brochures for Zope and Plone and now also Python. You can order them from us. Very nice to give to customers considering Python or for recruiting new developers to make them curious for Python. Some advertisement space is still available.


Elizabeth Leddy - log files

Fixing systems that are bad, clogged up. Start hunting for log files. Where are they. You have the var/log directory in your buildout. Try locate *.log. The Z2.log will give you valuable information for caching. It tells you which requests really end up at your Zope instance. Also look in /var/log, for example fail.log and messages, auth.log (who is trying to login to your computer). Search your system admin if you are not sure or want to find more logs. Or get me to help you.

Martijn Faassen - Crom

crom is zope.component redone. zope.component has an ancient, crufty API. crom is modern, fit for 2012, and backwards incompatible:

IFoo(a, b)
IFoo(a, default=default)

See and also (martian-rewrite).

Manabu Terada - Fuzzy search on Plone

PyCon Jp chairman. On an intranet you cannot use Google, but you want the same suggestions when searching. I want to use fuzzy search. Use Search for 'foundasion' and it wil say 'did you mean foundation?' It also works in Japanese (use MeCab). It uses the Levenshtein distance and an Automata system.

Philipp Bauer- noticeboard reimplemented in Plone for a client. Improvement ideas: let me know.

Code: (we want to move it to the Plone collective in November)

Lars van de Kerkhof - Post-install hook for virtualenv

Makes the bin directory of your buildout end up in your path and gets bash completion for it.

Wolfgang Thomans - Migration success story

460 GB of data in Oracle. Problems with the data. With some regular expressions we cleaned up. 130 GB of binary data left. Put it in a sane data structure with only the relevant data. Add transmogrifier to the mix. We created stub objects in the database. We moved the blob files to the correct location in the blobstorage. We got it done in time.

Jamie Lentin - diazo errors

Diazo theme, grab it from the internet, change stuff, grab a beer, refresh, and oh there is no content. No idea. Look at the rules file. Nice if that would be colored to show what was wrong. It works, but I am still working on it. Join me.

Tom Gross - webassets

Always looking to speed up Plone. Sometimes you can avoid Plone, partly. Put all resources on the filesystem and use webassets to let it get hosted via nginx. It also supports SASS.

Eric Brehault - Resurrectio

Chrome extension recording a sequence of browser actions to create a test script. Exporting as CasperJS test file.

Jonass Baumann

Book publishing add-on. Meant for high precision PDF generation. Based on LaTeX and simplelayout. We use it for some clients, for example for financial reports (500 pages), court report (100 pages).

Domen Kozar - Agile, baby!

The way we pay people does not fit the agile way. Some bugs stay open a long time. I launched You submit a pledge that you want a bug to be fixed, you add bitcoins as payment, a developer fixes the bug and gets the bitcoins. Credit card will also be possible later.

New to Plone? Come talk to Armin and others and we have some questions for you.