Lightning talks Friday

published Oct 12, 2012

Lightning talks during the Plone Conference 2012.

Lightning talks on Friday during the Plone conference 2012.

Paul J Stevens - BlobStorage improvement

We had a site with PloneMultiSite. Content items end up in multiple sites. The blobs are then also duplicated. So this takes up more hard-disk space than needed. Whether you use PloneMultiSite or not, this can happen. So I created a tool to compress the blob storage with a script. It deduplicated the blobs using hard links. So with this, you use less disk-space and get faster copy and move actions. A few patches need to be updated. I want to talk with collective.recipe.backup authors too [that would be me, welcome!].


Philip Bauer - Theme Editor

You can have a Theme Editor, started by David Glick. As Starzel we want to make this a company-sponsored PLIP. I propose a new process for plips: everything that David creates should be plipped and he should get gittipped, so we have a Glick-PLIP-Git-tip.

Johannes Raggam -

I have made a better version op for the PLIP. Please read the README.rst file for usage info. It supports recurring events. Please test it and use it.


Eric Steele, Elizabeth Leddy - teams

If you run a team, for example the UI team, please come on stage so we can see you and know how you look. If you want to get involved, these are the people to talk to.

Lucas Graf - ftw.tabbedview

I work for 4teamwork (ftw). ftw.tabbedview integrates collective.js.extjs, collective.quickupload and ftw.table. You can filter content listings, sort tables client side, group things, manage columns, batching support, flexible sources (catalog, SQLAlchemy, etc), data transformations (you have a user name in the table but want to show the fullname) and lots more.


Philip Bauer - Plone Konferenz

I helped organize the Plone Konferenz 2012 in Munich, Germany. Lots of visitors. Most were long-time users, but not yet part of the community. We wanted to attract decision makers and people new to Plone. We had great success and a lot of fun. How can you do that yourself? Get your local usergroup drunk and have them say yes. Organize a sprint. Have a party at the first day so people get to know each other faster. Spend money and effort on marketing. You get (local) visibility, new community members, a great party, you give large tips. We have 3,000 euros that we donate to the Plone Foundation.

Mikko Ohtamaa - Solving problems

I will show some packages: visualtitle, imageportlet, silvuple (it's French) which shows untranslated items, plomobile, sevabot (irc bot). Low let's party.

Sprint at the end of the world

World is going to end December 21st. So go to the end of the world to sprint. Come to the South of Argentina on 1 December 2012. We will see what we will sprint on.

Jukka Ojaniemi - Whiskers

Whiskers is a Pyramid application. It collects all the packages you use in your buildouts. You need a buildout extension called buildout.sendpickedversions that sends info to the whiskers server.

[Mark van Lent blogged about it earlier this year.]

Érico Andrei - Desk surfing

We need you in Brazil. We are lonely. Please visit us, otherwise we need to drink. If you need to travel to Sao Paulo, we have a place for you where you can work on Plone. Keep calm and Plone in Brazil.

Calvin Hendryx-Parker - Playing with blocks

We have a desk in Fortville as well: welcome!

Choose good building blocks:

  • Use APIs versus embedded iframes. Get the content in your site.
  • Evaluate your options: are mailing lists taken over by spam, what is the activity in version control?
  • Try out Single Sign On.
  • Supercharge your search with Solr. Index external content. Fix spelling.
  • Beware of over customization.
  • Testing, testing, testing.

See my talk from earlier today.

Radek Jankiewicz - stxnext.greyscale

Transforms the content of the page into grey scale colors. We use it when a website needs a mourning color after a national incident. There is a filter attribute in css, but is only supported by IE. Javascript also not really an option. Images are cached in filestorage.


Johannes Raggam -

This provides a framework for old php/postnuke based community portals. One content type for everything, using dexterity and behaviors. I gave a talk about this.

Maurizio Delmonte - Plone in your country

Your country may have a national Plone site. Italy: Netherlands: You can now see a link to national Plone sites in other countries in the right hand corner of your own site: we are world wide! Thank you for being here.

Maarten Kling

Thanks to all our sponsors, gold, silver, bronze, personal, supporting. Rita from RebelX: thanks a lot for all the designs. Guido Stevens created the Plone awards. The Brazilian Plone community has won the Plone Awards 2012 for their community building efforts! Thanks Wyn Williams for the Wifi. Thanks to Musis for their support here at the Musis Sacrum location.

Crowd: "Thank you, Four Digits!"