Plone conference 2012 in Arnhem

published Oct 10, 2012

Welcome to the Plone Conference 2012.

Four Digits is organizing the world wide Plone conference 2012 in Arnhem, the Netherlands. Sjoerd welcomes us on behalf of the team.

Michiel van Wessem gives us an introduction to Arnhem. We are at the Musis Sacrum, a music hall. We are very glad this tenth Plone Conference is in our city.

You may know the John Frost bridge, close by. That is known as the 'bridge too far'. A very special place for Arnhem people. If you have time, you should visit the Airborne Museum in Oosterbeek, here in the neighbourhood.

Arnhem is a very green city. In 2009 we were entitled the greenest city of Europe. Our park Sonsbeek has a big part in that. It is very near. Well, everything is very near in Arnhem. There are even some cows near the city center in that park.

We are a city of fashion. Victor and Rolf started their career here. We have the Fashion Biennale, next year the fifth version.

Make sure to visit the city center, with a big variety of shops, restaurants, pubs, for example at the Korenmarkt, with a free WiFi zone.

When you have some time to spend, there are nice things here in Arnhem. On behalf of the city I wish you a very pleasant conference.