Alin Voinea - Docker and Plone

published Oct 20, 2016

Talk by Alin Voinea at the Plone Conference 2016 in Boston.

Docker is what virtualenv is for Python. Isolated environment. You have the same environment on Linux/Mac/Windows and development/test/production.

For Plone without Docker you need to install all kinds of libraries, run a buildout, ignore some SyntaxErrors.

For Plone with Docker you can run:

docker run -p 8080:8080 plone

This uses the new official Plone Docker image at See information on that page, also on including add-ons or developing. In that case buildout gets run so it can fetch the add-ons.

Always label your Docker volumes to avoid data loss.

You can use a zeoserver:

docker run --name=zeo plone zeoserver

In production you should create your own Docker images, including all add-ons you need. You can use extended_buildout.cfg. For composing your own Dockers, see

When using multiple hosts, you want orchestration. There are several options. We use Rancher. You can use the official Plone Docker image and set several options.

The plan is to use this for continuous delivery, like in the talk by Nejc Zupan.

See various repositories with Docker for the EEA.

See for the source of the Plone Docker image.