Lightning talks Friday

published Oct 21, 2016

Lightning talks on Friday at the Plone Conference 2016 in Boston.

Paul Roeland: Plone Open Garden

Sorrento. Lovely spot in Italy. Annual event for past ten years or more: Plone Open Garden. What is it? It is a place that has Plone and Plonistas. It has a hotel as our central place, great food and drink, family friendly atmosphere for open discussions. Nice view. We want to focus on headless CMS. But not only tech, also how this affects our marketing and strategy. People with different skill sets are welcome to join.

When? Not fixed yet, but around 18 till 22 April 2017. Watch for one or more preparatory sprints over the world. Watch for discussion docs and roadmap. Please signal your attention early so we can make a great deal with the hotel.

Eric Bréhault and Philip Bauer: Plone futures

There are different possible futures for us. Valid, possible, and good. Several roads.

  1. CMS. We are targeting that market. It's what we do right now. Lots of plans like moving to Python 3.
  2. Products. Quaive (Intranet), CastleCMS. Targeting specialised audiences. Built on the same technology. Various approaches to UI.
  3. Headless CMS. Different market, like Contentful. Expose Plone as API for Javascript. Compared with comparable solutions, we are way better and we are open source. It is a different market with a lot of potential. We have a management application already in front of it: Plone 5. Unique! Plone 5 is the reference implementation of the UI.
  4. plone.server. All of the above, headless plus Python 3.

Thomas Schorr: Managing revisions in Plone

CMFEditions has been used for a long time for content revisions in Plone. Configured in the control panel. You can view old versions, or revert to them.

Several limitations and issues. History listing and statistics are calculated on the fly, which takes a very long time. If you delete a working copy, old revisions stay in the ZODB, they will not get deleted by anything through the web. Real life example, 50 GB data, out of which 34 GB was in revisions. That may not be common, they were editing several large documents daily.

We created collective.revisionmanager for this customer. Sorted listing of portal_historiesstorage. You can purge revisions or delete entire histories. It maintains a cache for statistics and history data. It has a control panel for the purge policy.

Timo Stollenwerk: Angular2 app

We made an example Angular2 blog app on top of Plone.

Fred van Dijk: From process with love

Talking about processes let's you end up with an empty room. There was a Planning and Organising Sprint in June this year in Amsterdam. Shouldn't we write down our processes? We have between ten and fifteen teams in Plone. Who knows what a PLIP is? Everyone. Who does the roadmap? Framework team? Release team? Roadmap team, is that existing?

How do people who are not here or are introverts, give feedback? How much time does volunteering cost? If we describe tasks, it makes it easier to give a task to someone else.

Release team only does releases to PyPI? What about press releases? News items, tweets, documentation? There is more process here.

Do we need a process team? Yet another team? I will start documenting some.

Hector Velarde: Brazil

Joke in Brazil: Brazil is a country of the future and it always will be. President Lula got lots of people out of poverty. Still big gap between rich and poor. Next president Dilma was impeached. Police used to be nice to protesters, but not anymore.

What has this got to do with Plone? We created a blog add-on, with payment system, to maintain freedom of speech.

David Bain: Gloss

Gloss helps with theming by adding classes. gl-menu, gl-drop, gl-frontend. Diazo makes xslt easy. Gloss is supposed to make Diazo easy.

Other David: Don't get pwnd

Use https! Get a certificate. Nag your sysadmin about it. Free at Commercial may be better for you.

Don't drop to http if the client tells you.

Only send cookies over https

Get a good score on ssllabs.

Ivan Teoh: Plomino 2.0

Plomino is a flexible and powerful application builder in the Plone UI. Version 2.0 is mainly to support Plone 5. Archetypes support has been removed. Small demo.

Annette Lewis: Empathetic designer

This is for anyone who needs to give deliverables to other person. Don't let others set your feelings. They will try to bring you down if they see it has an effect. Smile, turn up the corners of your mouth. The person in front of you is inclined to mirror this. Enjoy what you are doing, appreciate what you enjoy. Disassociate from 'toxic' workplaces or persons, you are separate.

Eric Wohnlich: ims.upload

In other solutions we were missing chunked uploads, resuming a failed upload when you retry. The jquery.upload library does support it, so we support it in ims.upload.

Not released or on github yet, I hope to do that soon.

Matthew Wilkes: Saving a start up money

Using Pyramid and Probability. I created a site for a startup that were trying to match cat owners and cat sitters. We needed to enable conversations by phone between the two groups, using Twilio. We made it so it in the end cost far less than otherwise. Lesson learned: don't guess, because we started with a solution that would have cost much more. See

Sally Kleinfeldt: CMFBibliographyAT

This was not Plone 5 ready. We had several options, but decided we may just want to store it outside of Plone. There is Plone plus Zotero. It would still be a lot of work, but if you are using it, please contact us and we'll see if we can pool resources.

Cris and Sally: Closing words

Thank you to the Microsoft NERD center for hosting us. Thanks Jazkarta and Wildcard for organising. Thanks to MIT Media Lab for provide us the Barton room for the keynote talks, especially Jen. Thanks to the training spaces: District Hall, Landmark Center, ZipCar. Thanks to Gold sponsors and SixFeetUp, and the sponsors at all the other levels. Thanks to our media partner evenios, especially Armin. Special thanks volunteers Doug Feeney and Michelle Esperanza. Thanks to T. Kim Nguyen for your time, effort, patience, generosity of spirit and just being you. Thanks to our fantastic trainers, our amazing speakers. Thanks to every last one of you who attended the conference.

Paul: "A roaring applause for you two, Cris and Sally!!!!"

Ramon and Victor: Special surprise announcement

16 to 22 October 2017: Plone Conference Barcelona. We will be at the technical university, they support us, they have 400 Plone sites. We want to involve the wider Python community of Barcelona, encouraging others to join, maybe a more general Python track.

Timo Stollenwerk: Sprint kick-off

The sprint starts tomorrow at 9 o' clock, in this room. This is a perfect time for beginners to join and start doing some work. You don't have to be a crack core developer, not at all. You are very welcome, we are very friendly and open people.

Possible sprint topics are on titanpad.