Lightning talks Wednesday

published Oct 19, 2016

Lightning talks on Wednesday at the Plone Conference 2016 in Boston.

Sven Strack: Docs 2.0

Upcoming changes and improvements to the docs. For Plone we have the papyrus buildout to create the documentation, pulling docs in from several places, if the buildout works. We check if robot test screen shots are working, which means we usually start fixing robot tests. We review the html, old-school using our eyes. We have docs for Plone 3, 4, 5. With ssh update the server. It is boring and time consuming.

New setup. Micro services. CI tests, we will send mails to remind people that stuff needs to be fixed. We don't depend on buildout anymore for the docs. It will be dockerized. Really fast. Updating with zero downtime, users will not notice it except that they suddenly get served by the new docker instance. We are getting a new search, for example only searching in Plone 5. New theme.

Maurits van Rees: experimental.nodtml

I did not make notes during my own talk. ;-) Just read

Alexander Loechel: Future of Plone, RestrictedPython

Future depends on many things, for example moving to Python 3. Main blocker is RestrictedPython. But I am working on it. Almost fifty percent of the tests are currently running. So: making progress. We will get there. Thank you also to Michael Howitz, Stephan Hof, Thomas Lotze, Gocept, Hanno Schlichting, Tres Seaver.

Hector Velarde: Accelerated Mobile Pages in Plone

We made collective.behavior.amp, an AMP HTML transformer. Special tag in html head. Uses a Google service for speeding up pages on mobile.

Paul Everitt: $20k Floppy and a $100k Perl

Some stories.

By the way, DTML was replaced by ZPT because of DreamWeaver.

When your database was corrupted, back in the day, you emailed it to Jim and he would fix it.

Anyway, Zope used to come on a 3.5 inch floppy, including Python.

You used to be able to add Perl script in the ZMI. This cost 100k dollar to build.

Chrissy Wainwright: Products.Poi for Plone 5

We rewrote Product.Poi for Plone 5 and dexterity. No migration yet.

Some new features:

  • Add/remove multiple attachments with drag-and-drop.
  • Export as csv.

You can help out, for example with migration or translations:

Lennart Regebro: A different type of conference

Plone conferences usually are in cities with expensive hotels. PyconPL, Python conference in Poland, is in a hotel in the middle of nowhere. Beautiful view. We have been doing this for a few years. There may be an outdoors barbecue involved. What I like: people cannot run off, they have to socialize and party, or go to bed. We should have that for Plone too. I cannot organize it myself. I just want to say: there is another way to organize a conference. Also, PyconPL also has an English track. So come and listen or speak.

Tim Simkins: Content quality checks

I am from Penn State. An article on a site might be on multiple places. We needed content control on it. For example: at most sixty characters for a title. We created automatic checks and subscribers for it. You can see a list of all such issues.


Steve Piercy: My first contribution to Plone

Or: a misadventure into open source software. I explored the world of Python in 2011. Pylons, Pyramid. Nice: full test coverage. After about a year I got courage to make contributions to the documentations. Within the last year I have been moving the documentation from easy_install to pip, which helped a lot. We wrote tutorials. It was very easy to contribute.

And with Plone? I got warned that I had to sign a contributor agreement. For one typo fix. I started reading the agreement, it was just too hard to understand for non-lawyer. Can we make this easier? I am here to assist you if you need fresh eyes on your project.

David Bain: PyCon Jamaica

PyCon Jamaica is November 17 and 18 this year. And on Saturday the Python scavenger hunt race. It is at the Hope Zoo, where they have Pythons. Costs are 80 dollars. Accommodation is not too expensive. It is organised by PythonJamaica. You can help! You can sponsor us and possibly get a T-shirt.

This presentation, including links for the T-shirts: