Lightning talks Thursday

published Oct 20, 2016

Lightning talks on Thursday at the Plone Conference 2016 in Boston.

Hector Velarde: News sites with Plone

Several add-ons:

  • collective.fingerpointing: select which events to log, like who logged in, who created content, etc.
  • collective.lazysizes: lazy loading of images, iframes and tweets, while you scroll down the page. We reduced initial load times with 80 percent.
  • collective.liveblog: content type for micro updates, bit like twitter. Automatically refresh using ajax calls.

Gil Forcada: Python 3 report

Unofficial Zope on Python 3 status:

Today I worked on the same for Plone packages. So:

Unofficial Plone on Python 3 status:

Gil Forcada: Teams

Everybody was sure that Somebody would do a job. Nobody realised that Anybody could do it. Etcetera.

That is decision paralysis, waiting for anybody else to do the job. That is why we have teams in Plone. Maybe we can use the teams more on github. If you start looking for things to do, there are hundreds of issues for Plone. Split by team, it is less daunting.

Crissy Wainwright: Sprints

There will be sprints this weekend, in this room. It is when a group of people get together for a project. Timo will be leading and assisting the sprints. Find him if you have questions.

There is a list of things to work on, you can add more. Please put your name in as a leader if you are up for that.

Mohammad Tareq Alam: Big sale on Plone!

Buy one, get one free!

Thank you, Plone community, for all the documentation.

At you can find and submit themes as plugins for various systems. is already doing this for Plone.

Why doesn't have something to sell? That was always my question. The Plone Foundation could get a share of the sales.

Money is not everything. You get to involve developers from around the world.

Gabrielle Hendryx Parker: Plone wants you

How to grow the community with little time and no money.

We have a small percentage of the market. Don't wait for marketing to rescue Plone. What made you come to Plone? Most of you know and like Python. You tinker with code.

IndyPy User Group started very small, now hundreds of people, with at least forty people meeting each month. In a Python group like that you are going to find Pythoneers, thinkers, tinkerers, prime targets for becoming a Plone person. Sponsoring is cheap: buy pizza. There are 700 Python meetups in the world. We can spread the message about Plone there.

How about creating a demo leader board? A competition for who gives the most demos for Plone.

Philip Bauer: State of Plone trainings

I gave my first Plone training in the Arnhem conference. In Bristol there were four trainings, Bucharest three, lots of people were there. In Boston we had 19 trainings, 22 trainers, over half the people of the conference attended the trainings.

Trainings are hosted on For various audience and topics. If you use the trainings and spot an error in the code or in the language, please report it.

Bill Blanchard: deploying Flask in five minutes

I use cookiecutter to create a new project. I copy some settings over. Then I use zappa to deploy it to lambda from Amazon, or update it.

Works with Django, Flash and Pyramid. May work with Plone, but I have not tried it. Only Python 2.7, not Python 3 currently.


Nejc Zupan: Dragonsprint

This is a Pyramid sprint in my home town of Ljubjana, Slovenia. 5 to 9 December this year. It would be great to have Plone people there too.

Mikko Ohtamaa: IRC and other great Finnish inventions

IRC comes from Finland, just like Linux, SSH, and Angry Birds.

Read this:

On IRC you invest in the community, and the community invests in you. Useful IRC channels are #plone, #pyramid, #python-friendly.

But IRC is dying. Other mediums are Stack Overflow chat.

Fred van Dijk: Teach Plone in four hours

Some thoughts on training. I moved from end user to consultant and trainer.

I tried to teach configuring Plone in four hours.

We forgot to buy coffee. The guy made us a blend of coffee after a few questions. I did the same during the training. The people I taught were older, more experienced than I am. Who was the newbie?

Structure the information that you are teaching. That gives them a map.

Progressive exposure, teach them more and deeper as you go along. Don't start too deep. But: when the people already know enough, then you can dive deep quickly.

You guide people on their learning path.

You can be a trainer too!

Sven Strack: helps you write documentation for you packages. From the source it creates nice html, without you needing to setup Sphinx yourself. It checks for typos. It knows names of PyPI packages and adds it to the dictionary, which helps. You can let it create a fresh config for you to edit.


Alin Voinea: Plone and Docker

Since last week, we have an official Docker image for Plone.

See also his talk earlier today: